Eliot Halley Vrijmoet

   VRY-MOOT   (he/him)

Graduate Student, PhD Candidate  (defending June 2023)
SMARTS Graduate Fellow for the CTIO 0.9m Telescope

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30303

Office: 25 Park Place 621

E-mail: vrijmoet@astro.gsu.edu      Twitter logo @eliotVRIJ


Eliot standing outside with coffee. Eliot standing next to a tall building, with coffee.
Photo by Leonardo Paredes

  (updated 25 January 2023)
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My Research Life

Astrometry of M dwarf binaries

My favorite things are low-mass stars with companions (planets, brown dwarfs, other stars).

I am extensively experienced with ground-based astrometry at RECONS. This includes:

cartoon of the CTIO 0.9m telescope

My PhD advisor, & RECONS fearless leader:
Todd J Henry

RECONS first mate (& my honorary advisor):
Wei-Chun Jao

My first paper (Vrijmoet et al. 2020) compared RECONS astrometry to Gaia DR2 to define criteria for identifying unresolved binaries based on their astrometric fits.

My second paper (Vrijmoet et al. 2022) presents the first 1.5 years of our M dwarf SOAR speckle campaign.

I have been running this 4-year speckle interferometry campaign at SOAR to map orbits of ~225 M dwarf multiples within 25 pc. The sample was selected using the Gaia criteria in Vrijmoet+ 2020, augmented by binaries from RECONS astrometry and the literature.

SMARTS 0.9m telescope at CTIO, where we take our data (and you could, too!)

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